Xcalibur High Gloss Coating – 5L

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Advanced durable high gloss floor coating/sealer.

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Xcalibur High Gloss Coating

Specially formulated by Solution Research & Development to provide unsurpassed resistance from soiling and wear on all resilient and hard floor coverings including wooden flooring. This unique topical low odour and water based coating benefits from Advanced Adhesion Polymer Technology, and offers a high gloss appearance in application. It also acts like a sealer to provide long lasting and durable performance. It has been formulated for use in high traffic areas, and is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Surface Preparation:

Strip the floor to remove the existing coating, contamination or soil build-up using Xcalibur Heavy Duty Stripper Concentrate diluted accordingly and use as instructed. The floor must be completely free of all contamination and thoroughly dry prior to application. Wooden flooring should be completely sanded back to remove old coatings or contamination from oil based products.


With a flat ?synthetic-lint free? finish mop applicator apply a generous even coat of Xcalibur High Gloss Coating, ensure even application. Lightly overlap to join coats when finishing large areas of flooring, whilst the coating is still wet to ensure a uniform appearance. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly. Then apply two more coats until the floor has been finished with a maximum of three coats.

Coverage: Aprox 300m2 per coat

Drying Times:

Touch dry and re-coat: 1 hour

Suitable for light foot traffic within: 4 hours

Normal foot traffic and normal wear within: 8 hours

Full curing hardness is achieved within: 6-7 days


Maintain the sealed floor by damp mopping or light machine scrub using Xcalibur Neutral Cleaner or Xcalibur Maintainer diluted accordingly. The floor can be burnished once dry and if a high gloss appearance is desired. Periodically deep scrub clean with Xcalibur Maintainer, and once dry apply one to two coats of Xcalibur Restore Finish Coating to restore its appearance.

Customer Reviews

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superb product. Used for first time this week on a very very tired school hall with safety flooring. Cleaned with STS, then three coats of gloss and the floor looks amazing exactly what i wanted and hardly used any, it goes a long way!!!!! highly recommend.....

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