The Jaguar Cub Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Carpet Cleaning Mid-Size Machine

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The Jaguar Cub – The Mid-Size Carpet Cleaning Machine.

Lease purchase available from just £10.52 Per week + Vat. All finance is offered subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

A high performance carpet cleaning machine in the most compact modular design possible.

The Cub has all the advantages and features of the big machines including great vacuum and pressure. The Cub weighs in at just 21kg – now it’s easy to carry your machine up stairs and access difficult places on those hard to reach jobs. Also perfect for smaller vans and vehicles.

Use as a carpet & upholstery machine, or as a booster or spotter, the machines has endless possibilities!  When used as a booster for a larger machine it requires no extra parts needed.

Can be used with either 2″ or 1 1/2″ vacuum hoses.

At only 21kg it’s easy to manoeuvre and lift into your van. You can also easily roll the Jaguar Cub on its rear wheels. Stores conveniently in most closets. A powerful and versatile machine! Designed to run 25ft-50ft of vacuum hose.


Pressure: 0-300psi fully adjustable piston pump.

Vacuum Motor: 2 stage 6.6 wind tunnel vacuum – 10.2Hg Lift & 170CFM!

Tanks: x2 30L (8 gallon) – 2″ inlet barb on vacuum tank. Can use either 1 1/2 or 2″ hoses. See-through tanks for water levels.

Power-Spray Feature: Pre-spray on demand, the pump can be used with an optional sprayer (not included).

Wheels: 10″ rear rigid, front 3″ swivel.

Specs: 31″ H x 20″ L x 14″ W/ approx = 47 lbs / 21kg. A one power cord requirement machine.

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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for The Jaguar Cub Carpet Cleaning Machine

  1. Peter McDougall

    I love this small and mighty machine. It has great performance but there are a couple of small niggles with it.

    It’ll happily run 50ft of 2inch hose with a 10ft whip of 1.5″ if you need it to.

    The niggles are that with the 2 front wheels being quite close together it can be difficult to manouver over bumps, however, it’s not so heavy you can’t lift it.

    The switches being at the bottom can be difficult to get to when you’re tired at the end of the day and struggling to get up and down.

    The float valve in the waste tank isn’t held on very well and mine keeps falling off into the waste water.

    The waste tank requires cleaning out regularly with a shop vac or similar because of the position of the gate valve. I can see why this is positioned like this but I’d sooner take extra care to clean the gate valve than have to use the shop vac to get the gunk from the bottom of the waste tank.

    I don’t regret buying this machine, however, as it does save me a lot of time on setup on smaller jobs and it copes nicely with larger jobs too.

    It’s also fantastic for doing stairwells where there’s just one power socket.

  2. Florin

    This machine will make you £120k and will not ask for a penny back. Can’t say more than that !

  3. Harry

    At 70 I needed a lighter machine after checking out other machines I chose this one and was not disappointed.
    So easy to lift.
    Just cleaned a tough suite having to use a lot of water dried very quickly.
    Office carpet, using Shockwave then agitated with a 15inch floor machine and using just water to rinse the job looked really good and the carpet was soon dry, next week trying out on school carpets.
    Really pleased and excellent service.Harry Hemsley, Hemsleys Floor Care.

  4. Colin

    My main machine was an Airflex Pro, 2 3 stage vacs & 130psi pump, it was getting too heavy to carry upstairs but I liked it. so I bought the Cub. WOW, such a simple looking design but this performs so much better I can’t believe it. The Cub has now become my main machine & I love it!! Great service from the team at Solutions too!!

  5. Peter

    Very powerful and easy to lift up stairs and does a great job.

  6. Mark Roberts

    I’ve had the Cub for over a year now, no issues so far and nothing has gone wrong.

    Performance wise its fantastic, upholstery and carpets are easy with 25ft of hose, I’d say 50ft is about the max. The pump provides more pressure than I need so that gets a tick as well.

    Weight is great, loading to the van is no problem, as is going up stairs, makes life very easy.

    I’d buy another tomorrow, definitely the best machine I’ve purchased in terms of price vs performance.

  7. Crystal clean

    I have to say, superb service from solutions, fast delivery and kept informed each step of the process.
    This machine is a life saver for smaller jobs and hard to reach flats and apartments, it’s more powerful and lighter than any other in it’s class that i have used, much more powerful than i expected and leaves the carpets virtually dry by the time we have finished. I have also used it on big jobs and it performed faultlessly.. easy to carry, small enough to fit in a estate car if needed.
    The back up service from solutions is fantastic too..

  8. Squeak and Bubbles

    For a single vac carpet machine, this little beast holds back no punches when it comes to power. Nice and lightweight , very easy to carry up stairs. You only need 25ft hose with Cub, due to been able to manoeuvre it around.

    If you’re looking for a small lightweight compact powerful machine, this baby is for you.

    You hardly see these machines come up for sale secondhand… Why… Well I’m not going to sell mine, so you’ll have to buy one to find out!

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