Own Label Spotters + Free Label Design (30)

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Own Label Spotters with your company logo.

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Own Label Spotters. (30 bottles) + Free Label Design

Imagine helping and impressing your customers whilst keeping your company details in their hands!

Own label spotters are perfect for giving away or selling to your customers, each spotter comes in a 500ml trigger spray bottle with your company logo and contact details on the label.

The solution supplied in the bottle is Micro spotter which is effective against a very wide range of soils & stains, Micro Spotter can produce truly astounding results.

  • Based on detergent free technology.
  • No dwell time required – just apply and agitate.
  • No detergents – so no sticky residue – non-foaming.
  • Completely non-toxic – safe for you and your customers.
  • Non irritating – even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.
  • Odourless – absolutely no fumes – safe to use around asthmatics.
  • No bleaching agents – no light patches left after treatment.

Own label spotters are an ideal add-on sale!

Own label spotters are just 1.74+VAT (£2.09 each), sell them at whatever price you want, just let us know the rrp value you’d like on the bottle.

Want more than 30? Available in boxes of 30 so just increase number of boxes required, e.g. to order 60 just increase quantity to 2 etc.

We just need a jpg/png of your company logo, this can be emailed to despatch@solution-uk.com or via the contact form here.

We will also require your telephone number & website details for the label.

Please note when ordering, own label spotters cannot be used to obtain a rebate when purchased in conjunction with the World of Clean sample pack offer.

Free label design on your first purchase only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Louise S.

Great product,

Adrian G.

Great product, got my first request recently for 2 bottles following on from a freebie given to customer. Win -Win

Richard -.E.C.C.

Great general purpose spotter to hand out to your customers. It’s always appreciated and a good size, so will last. I have used the spotter myself on various spots and stains and have found it to be effective.

nathan l.
Promo Spotters/Deodorisers

Just got my first supply of "Own Label Spotters" and i am very impressed.... And do you know who else is impressed?!? The customers!!! At the end of every job i give my customers a free bottle of deodoriser & a bottle of stain remover with my business card. In the space of 2 weeks i have already noticed a vast increase in jobs from recommendations. Just waiting on the new designs now before i place my next order.

Paul T.
Customers LOVE them

A nice little touch for your preferred customers and they really appreciate receiving these..... plus for the repeat customers it stops them using the crap stuff off the shelf.... and the added bonus is it’s got your name and number on it! One customer of mine who I gave a bottle to on her clean has actually come back to me and purchased 3 more bottles a few months later and says they are heaven sent!!! (this alone has almost paid half of what I paid for 30 bottles!!!!!) ❤️

Vince B.

Own Label Spotters + Free Label Design (30)

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