Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

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An all round treatment for leather

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Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather cleaner & conditioner is an all round treatment for leather which works quickly to remove dirt & grime, leaves your leather conditioned and back to looking great again. Cleans safely without causing any damage.

Help preserve the life of your leather by removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime. Leather cleaner & conditioner contains a blend of mild solvents and detergents that gently penetrates and lifts dirt. Rich conditioning waxes then feed and soften the leather reducing the appearance of fine cracks and scratches.

Effective and powerful making it ideal for cleaning light coloured leathers that show the dirt most, but can still be used on all colours of leather safely.

Uses a unique pH balanced and alkaline-free formula, adds a supple soft feel which preserves and enhances the leather.


Leather upholstery, car interiors, jackets, handbags, sofas and even footwear.

Directions for use:

Product comes ready to use.

Apply onto a clean lint free cloth (a microfiber cloth is ideal). Using a circular motion, work the leather cleaner into the surface. As the leather is cleaned the dirt will be absorbed by the foam created by the cleaner. Wipe the foam away using an absorbent cloth.

Not to be used on suede/nubuck or brushed leather.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter W.
Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

My first time using this product and I was very impressed. It is easy to use and produces a good finish.

Fozia K.
Really impressed

Best leather cleaner out there

Target C.a.U.C.S.
Awesome product

Used this for the first time yesterday after being recommended it by a fellow C.C. This is an awesome, easy to use product that quickly dissolves/lifts grime and conditions all in 1. Another smash hit from the solutions team.

John H.
Fantastic Leather Cleanin Product

Ive been using this for almost 5 years now and it never fails. Another fantastic product from World Of Clean

Mark H.

Used to clean smooth leather sofa and chairs, pleasantly surprised just how well this worked and the client was delighted. Lost count of how many towels we used and surprised how much soiling was present. It came up brighter, softer and a great colour once the grime was removed. Highly recommend this product.

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