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Environmentally Safer Solvent Based Spot & Stain Remover

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Spot Solve Spot & Stain Remover – Ready to use solution.

Spot Solve is an environmentally friendlier cleaning solution, free from aromatic/aliphatic and other volatile solvents. It is readily and completely biodegradable; with low vapour hazard; low oral toxicity; non-flammable; and has no hazard classification under CHIP regulations.

Removes diverse stains such as:

Paints, oil, colours, felt-tip pen, asphalt, wax, ball-point ink, tar, shoe polish, resins, glue, glue residues, grease, nail polish, shoe prints, graffiti and other solvent soluble spots and stains etc.


Spot Solve Spot can be used on all solvent resistant surfaces including textiles, subject to testing for suitability in inconspicuous area first.

Note: Spot Solve can attack certain painted/coated surfaces and also sensitive plastics.

Instructions for use:

Ensure the area is free of people, children and pets and well ventilated!

Lightly spray Spot Solve directly on to the stain, or apply directly by blotting with a terry towel dampened lightly with Spot Solve. Agitate lightly with the bevelled edge of your spotting brush, or if suitable directly with the brush itself. The amount used should always be kept to the minimum to avoid spreading stains, and or causing contamination/delamination of backing materials, which may be sensitive to the use of a solvent.

Following its use for spotting, lightly clean the area with your normal water based cleaning solution. For example M-Power, diluted for cleaning or spotting etc.

Spot Solve can also be used as a dry cleaning solution on moisture sensitive textiles, subject to testing thoroughly for suitability for use in an inconspicuous area first. Wear suitable PPE, ventilate the area and lightly mist on to the surface, followed by agitation with suitable medium, then towel off with terry towelling to help remove soiling and spotter residues. Your customer should leave the fabric for a minimum of 24 hours to air-dry in a ventilated area before re-use.

All recommendations are based on practical experience, but where necessary they should be modified to conform to different practice conditions. We cannot claim to serve in any way, but an advisory capacity and undertake no liability for possible damage caused from using Super Spotter. Tests should be carried out in each individual case before the work is started!

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